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Personal Customer Service

Since March 2010, we have been creating more than 300 personalized portraits for our satisfied customers coming from every part of the world.

Our Dutch-managed painting atelier works with professional art school-graduated, dedicated and experienced portrait artists only, using the highest quality of art materials available.

One of our passionate Chiang Mai portrait artists in action

Commissioning affordable and highly artistic black and white drawings, as well as colored portraits through our website is easy. We not make use of a complicated and impersonal online order system.

On the contrary! Sending a high quality photo of your unforgettable moment to our e-mail address is all it takes.

You can also send us several of your most precious pictures. This allows us selecting the most ideal picture(s) in order to create fine custom portrait art.

You don't have to be a portrait art specialist recognizing the artistic brilliance of the Einstein charcoal pencil drawing above. Just observe the fantastic facial details. Have your most memorable photo, turned by our professional charcoal pencil portraitist, into a black and white drawing of similar artistic quality! 

Once you’ve agreed on the selected photograph, size of the artwork and portrait type, we’ll send you PayPal money request making paying online easy and 100% safe.

As soon as we’ve received payment via PayPal, a confirmation e-mail will be send to you. Next one of our experienced and professional portrait artists will start creating your lifelike portrait.

Our customers always have the option to review their commissioned charcoal pencil sketch or oil color portrait before their artwork will be shipped. Only when fully satisfied with the delivered artistic quality, the work will be mailed to your address.
Customers can always ask me for an update on the creation's progress or for more information, just   e-mail  ! We'll reply within 24 hours. 
Eyes can be colored at a small 10% additional fee

Customers' CommentssI   i     W    ill b   B    bebe  be B  

Below you can read just some of the motivating comments sent to us by satisfied customers. These inspirational words largely contribute to our portraitists' passion and dedication creating entirely handmade portraits of the highest artistic quality.
"Dear CM Portrait Paintings, thank you, I think the portrait is fantastic. Please thank the artist"
Guy P. - Guildford, UK
"I finally received the portrait! Sorry, I bugged you so much, I forgot how slow international mail can be. Anyway, thank you for this service and please send my thanks to the artist, they are incredible!"
Andrew W. - Bend, Oregon, USA
"OH MY GOSH! Silly as it may sound a tear was brought to my eye when I saw this and my heart skipped a beat. This is just FANTASTIC. Thank you, thank you, so very very much. My family and I are so impressed and I cannot wait to give this to my mum, she will be for sure more emotional than me. Thank you also for going that extra mile to get it completed for us. The job is just unbelievable, huge congratulations to the artist".

 Amanda N. - Brisbane, Australia

"The charcoal portrait arrived this morning. The photo via email did not do it justice. The drawing is perfect in every way. I am simply amazed! Thank you very much wishing your business all the success in the world"
Brian F. - Coventry, UK
"Thank you for all your fantastic efforts in this matter. The skill of your artist is truly remarkable. And thank you for all the updates. Your website is a testament to your portrait artists' skills!"
Greg H. - Sydney, Australia

"I 've been traveling for work and have not had time to respond. We received the charcoal drawings a few weeks ago and they are fantastic! Thanks so much for the beautiful artwork. We will enjoy these and discuss having more done soon."

   Dave N. - Duluth, GA, USA  

"I cannot thank you enough. The dog belonged to my mother and unfortunately recently passed away. Tobias meant the world to her, and she's absolutely going to cherish the charcoal drawing." 

Jesse R. - Fredonia, Arizona, USA

"It is absolutely magnificent! Thank you so much! As you can expect I was a little worried doing this online. But I honestly couldn't be happier."

Matthew Z. - Sherbrooke, Canada

"I've received the nude portrait Friday and my wife was very pleased with it."

Jackson F. - Twisp, WA, USA

Additional Options

Six different photos along with customer's special instructions were used
creating this stunning charcoal pencil artwork.

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Creating a Charcoal Pencil Portrait Drawing, Step by Step

 Step 0 (Photo)
Step 1 (Drawing Facial Lines) 
Step 2 ( Drawing Light and Dark Parts)
Step 3 (First Facial Details) 
Step 4 (Coloring the Eyes) 
Step 5 (Completing by Drawing the Background) 

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